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Whether you are interested in pursuing a judgment or have already been awarded one, Landmark Collection Services can help.  Let our experienced legal team take the burden off your shoulders and successfully enforce the judgment for you.

One of the best ways to make sure a debt is paid is to pursue a judgment in court.  However, while being awarded a judgment is one thing, actually enforcing that judgment and collecting the debt can be much more difficult and time consuming.  Without the knowledge and ability to enforce it, a judgment is just a piece of paper saying the debtor owes the debt.  

Enforcing a judgment requires a lot of time, effort, experience, and money that most people and companies don't have.  We are able to step in and act as our customer's representative to enforce the judgment and collect the balance owed.

People and companies who don't pursue judgments aggressively and strategically can often find themselves not collecting anything.  Without proper enforcement, a judgment only affects the debtor's credit, which is often not enough to convince the debtor to pay.  Many debtors are even willing to wait until the statute of limitations on the judgment has expired, and then they will have essentially gotten away without paying.

Landmark Collection Services' experienced legal team has successfully litigated and enforced countless judgments and recovered the funds owed to our customers.  There are numerous actions we can take in order to enforce the judgment, including:

  • bank levies

  • wage garnishments

  • attachment orders

  • property liens

  • orders of examination

  • sheriff/keeper levies

  • till taps

  • and more.

The actions we take depend on the debtor, the type of debt, where the judgment originated, and where the judgment is being enforced.  Laws, regulations, and procedures can vary greatly from state to state, which is why we have offices and attorneys in each state we do business.

The Landmark Collection Services Advantage:

  • No fees if we don't collect

  • No upfront costs

  • Customized solutions for all types of accounts

  • Advanced skip tracing tools

  • Experienced legal team specializing in civil litigation

  • Professional and skilled collections team

  • No automated messages or robocalls

  • Fully compliant with all required laws and regulations

Contact us today to see how we can help you, or click here for more information.

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