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The Landmark Difference

Landmark Collection Services offers customized debt collection solutions, empowering our customers to minimize risk and maximize revenues.

Let us save you time and money.

No Collection, No Fee

If we can't collect the money you're owed, you don't have to pay us anything for our services.  We operate on a commission basis, so we rely on collecting your debts to get paid.  Unlike other collection agencies, Landmark Collection Services doesn't need to charge upfront, hidden, or monthly fees, because we are confident in our ability to collect for you.

No Upfront Costs

We front all costs associated with collecting on your account, including legal fees, so there is absolutely no upfront cost to you.  Some other collection agencies charge you fees just for placing your account with them, before they have done any work.  We don't charge our customers at any point during the collection process.

No Risk

No upfront costs + No fee if we don't collect = No Risk

Collecting on a delinquent debt takes time, costs money, and requires the necessary knowledge.  If the collections process has become a burden, let us take these risks for you.

Customized Solutions

No two accounts are ever the same, so the solutions shouldn't be either.  We offer debt collection solutions that are customized to each unique situation, taking the needs of both the creditor and the debtor into consideration.

Advanced Skip Tracing Tools

We have access to proprietary skip tracing tools that allow us to locate debtors, as well as any assets they may have.  We are able to track them down even if they have moved, changed phone numbers, or are trying to hide from their financial obligations.

Experienced Legal Team

Our attorneys have decades of experience specializing in civil litigation and judgment enforcement.  Many of our competitors lack the experience and knowledge to properly enforce judgments, and others are unwilling to collect on judgments at all.

A Personal Approach

Our agency does not use robocalls or automated messages in our collections process.  Every account is unique, and the collections process is so complex, that there is no automated method of collecting that would be more effective than a live, professional collector.  There is also an increasingly negative connotation towards automated calls, with most people tending to hang up immediately.  We believe that it takes a live human being to be able to understand each unique situation and implement a customized collection strategy.


Landmark Collection Services is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, and specializes in debt collection in California.  Laws and regulations governing the debt collection industry vary from state to state.  We believe in employing local collectors and attorneys specializing in their own state laws.  This allows us to achieve a higher rate of collection, as well as stay compliant with local laws, regulations, and procedures.

It has taken decades of experience for us to hone our craft, and you shouldn't trust your account with anything less.

Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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