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Medical Collections

At Landmark Collection Services, we understand that your debtors are also your patients, whose repeat business you depend on.  We take pride in being professional, respectful, and understanding, doing our best to preserve the relationship and trust you have built with your patients.

Medical bills affect nearly every person in the United States, with a large portion of them becoming delinquent.  Most often, insurance programs won't cover the full cost of medical care, leaving the patient with an outstanding bill.

Landmark Collection Services collects debts from all types of medical offices and institutions, including:

  • family practices

  • hospitals

  • dentists

  • orthodontists

  • optometrists

  • chiropractors

  • veterinarians

  • and more.  

We understand that your debtors are also your patients, and you rely on their repeat business.  Overly aggressive collections can potentially sour the relationship between a medical office and it's patients.  At Landmark Collection Services, we always strive to be professional, respectful, and understanding, doing our best to retain them as a patient, while also resolving their outstanding obligation.

Landmark Collection Services takes the privacy of our medical customers and their patients very seriously.  We are fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), a federal law which mandates the protection and confidential handling of protected health information.  Your patient's information is never shared and is always secured.  

The Landmark Collection Services Advantage:

  • No fees if we don't collect

  • No upfront costs

  • Customized solutions for all types of accounts

  • Advanced skip tracing tools

  • Experienced legal team specializing in civil litigation

  • Professional and skilled collections team

  • No automated messages or robocalls

  • Fully compliant with all required laws and regulations

Contact us today to see how we can help you, or click here for more information.

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